Wednesday, January 26, 2011

10 days to go...

And we have been sorting out what to take and what not to take working out what is needed for both beach life, jungles and mountain hikes in a range of temperatures. Some extra pieces, for rarity of use and cost factors will be bought along the way.
So here's what it looks like...

Yanas bag contains
Osprey ariel 65ltr
waterproof rain coat
Warmpeace fleece
6 t-shirts different cuts so i don't get tan marks :) 
4 pairs of shorts 
4 dresses (3 long ones and 1 short) cus some of the places we going women aren't allowed to show legs :-0
1 pair of trail shoes 1 pair of flipflops 1 pair of ballerinas 
1 sleeping bag, the smallest there is
1 bag liner 
1 travel towel 
1 travel pillow
1 bag of toiletrys
2 pairs of sunglasses different shapes to avoid "panda-eyes" 
2 hats 2 bandanas (Bear Grylls has one) 
loads of contacts and fluid.. well cus i'm blind
1 hairdryer
1 day bag (dakine heli pro)
flight socks for all the long flights 
7 pairs of underwear 2 bras 3 bikini tops 1 sportsbra 7 pairs of socks including trail socks
1 first aid kit
1 umbrella- ella -ella -eh eh eh eh 
1 water bottle 1 camel bak

Kiley's bag contains 
bag is Osprey exos 58ltr
Dakine heli day/hike bag
waterproof jacket
Reebok goretex trail shoes
Asics trainers (super ventilated and because i hate flipflops)
Arc'terex fugitive fleece
1 cap
1 sleeping bag
1 cotton sleeping bag liner
3 tshirts
1 3/4 sleeve tshirt
1 pair shorts
1 pair swim shorts
1 pair windproof lightweight running pants
4 pairs of underwear and socks
1 long sleeve shirt
1 bandana and 1 buff
money belt
swiss army knife
hand torche
cutlery set
travel towel
travel pillow
vitamin pills (vegan health issues when living off mainly rice!)
mosquito plug and wrist bands
Sony psp, films etc
160gb ipod for music
80gb ipod for storage
books and guides
water bottle and camelbak
diary and notebook
Sony nex300 and canon ixus cameras

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